Dog Foot Cleaning Cup

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How can I clean my dog's feet? 


You love your pet but hate their muddy paws, don’t you? Well, you’re not alone! Now, you can let your best furry friend have all the fun they want without bringing dirty muds into your house

Can I use this with a Pitbull? He’s got pretty wide paws, about 2 ½ inches, and weighs more than 65 pounds. Which Size should I get?

You can still use this. I have a 60-pound dog and he has got pretty wide paws as well, and the larger-sized paw cleaner works fine with them. The smaller size is more suitable for smaller dogs or dogs that don’t have such wide paws.

Can I only use it for dog paws?

It’s a dog paw washer and it should be used as such, however, if you have anything else that might need to be scrubbed using very soft rubber, then yeah sure. Stay away from your pup’s tail, though, unless it’s really very dirty.

How Can I use this dog paw washer?

Using it is actually very simple; you simply fill it with clean water, insert your dog’s paws in, rotate it a few times, and then take out their paws. Pour out the dirty water, and repeat the process. Just like that.

Can I use this to clean dog paws after walk?

Yes, they can easily remove the dirt, mud, or snow in seconds. It’s very easy, and I usually take it with me in the car to clean their paws before we get into my friends’ house as well. It’s very convenient.

How to clean dog paws after walking in the snow?

Just like you would after walking on anything else. I have also found out that cleaning their paws from the snow is often easier with this dog paw cleaner cup than it with doing it the old-fashioned way.

I have a 75 lb lab that gets his paws pretty muddy, Would these work?

 Absolutely, I have a 50 lb. Pitbull that LOVES to run in the mud, So I can feel your struggle. Thankfully, his paws fit in this and I can clean his muddy dog paws in moments.

My dog has sensitive skin and feet, will he tolerate these?

My dog is also allergic to grass and I have found this dog feet cleaner to be just perfect. It helps a lot because it cleans even between their pads. No more messy floors or itching paws, I think your dog will love these just as well mine does now!

Do I still need to use a towel?

This dog paw washer gets the job done, and by this I mean It gets rid of all the dirt, mud, or snow that’s stuck in your pup’s paws, but you still need to dry their paws if you don’t want paw prints all over your carpets.

Do I need to use soap with this paw cleaner cup?

No, you don’t need to. Whether you should or shouldn’t really depends on you and how dirty your pup’s paws are.

Will this tangle their paws?

I’m assuming your question is whether this could tangle the hairs on your dog’s paws. If that’s indeed the case, then the answer is no. These don’t cause tangles, or at least that was my own experience with them.

My dog’s paws have been blackened by tarred roadways, can I use this to clean their paws?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to use Shampoo and be patient as you may need to repeat the process a couple of times until you can completely clean their paws of all the dirt.

My dog has claws! Is the brush soft enough to not irritate their claws?

Yes, the bristles are soft and bendy, and I believe they would work fine with your dog.